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Below are some helpful hints when searching for apartments in Luleå

  • Visit us at the Student Unions
    As a new student in Luleå a good way to get information about student housing, other housing dealers or your education is to talk to one of the two student unions; Teknologkåren and Luleå Studentkår. You can find the two unions as well as Studentbostadsservice in Studenternas Hus (Tekniktorget 3) at Luleå University of Technology Campus Luleå.
  • Expressions of interest
    If you are a student or have an admission notice from the university you can register yourself to search for accomodation at this home page. 
  • Private ads
    In local newspapers, you can find ads from individuals who want to rent out rooms.
    Also search vacant accommodation on the internet and check notes on bulletin boards in stores.
    It is not uncommon for people with high rent advertising for someone to share the apartment with, or want to rent in second hand, because of studying abroad.
  • Find someone to share housing with
    It can sometimes be easier to find a bigger apartment. Hence, it is often a good idea to talk to some classmates and other acquaintances to find the opportunity to cotenancy.
  • Review the home insurance alternatives
    In order to gain access to housing of Studentbostadsservice, you as a student must have home insurance.
  • Housing queue
    If you are interested in studying at Luleå University of Technology, you should as early as possible apply for an accomodation Studentbostadsservice.
  • Check your mail
    When you receive a reply if you got an apartment, it is in the form of emails. You then have 3-5 days to give an answer, depending on if you want to see the apartment before also the period and application rates. Remember to look in your junk mail.



To apply for housing, you must first register.


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