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Housing Areas

How would you like to live? Studentbostadsservice offer many ways for students to live either as intrinsic, own or share apartments. If you are a new student you may have difficulties at first to get hold of an apartment you are completely happy with, but that usually resolve itself after a while! So remember to sign in the apply for apartment waiting lists.



The apartments at Vänortsvägen is located in about a 10 minutes walk from the university. Here you can choose to live alone or share an apartment with other students.


Klintvägen student housing area at the campus and is located about 15 minutes of walk from the university.


Apartments will show here when the applications rate is low, usually during the spring. For these apartments it's first served for those that come up. Contact us either by mail, phone or visit us is fine.


Laboratorievägen is the newest student housing area and it´s located about 5 minutes walk from the university (behind LTU´s buildings E & F) Here You will find one room aparments from 16m² to three room apartments at 69,7m².


To apply for housing, you must first register.


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