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When is it appropriate to apply for student housing?
If you are planning to study in Luleå, you should apply for student accommodation as soon as possible.
You can register in our queue for a student housing prior notification of admission has come.
To get an apartment, you must have an admission certificate from the university.

How old do I have to be to rent an apartment? 
You have to be at least 18 years old to rent an apartment via Studentbostadsservice. 

How long does it take to get an offer student housing?
It depends on how many people are putting down their interest for the different apartments. Therefore the queue time varies a lot over the year. 

How do I know if I have been offered housing?
Offer of accommodation arrives in a response via email. You then have up to five (5) days to respond to the offer. Therefore, remember to look in your inbox and also your junk mail daily.

How long do I have to respond to the housing offer?
You have up to five (5) days to respond to your offer, exact date is noted in the offer. Therefore, remember to also look in your junk mail.

When will my contract arrive?
The contract is sent to you by for signing via BankID, or digital signing (not BankID). It takes up to a week for the contract to be delivered to you via email, with the exception of high pressure where it could take a while longer for you to get the contract. 

Is it possible to move in earlier than the move-in date? 
If the current tenant has the possibility for you to move in earlier, you can write a power of attorney (fullmakt) (to find the PDF of this document, click here). The document is then sent over to us from the current tenant, and you as the new tenant is welcome to come and collect your keys from Studentbostadsservice from the date stated on the power of attorney. Notice that the keys have to go through us at Studentbostadsservice, and not directly from the old tenant to the new tenant. Also notice that you as the current tenant need to keep your home insurance until your contract expires. You as the new resident need to have a home insurance from the day that you move in. 

What rent is a student housing?
The student residences that Studentbostadsservice can offer a rent of between 3179-10755 SEK/month.

What if I do not have a place to stay in at the start of the semester?

  • Participate at the welcoming period where you can get tips and advice in your search for an appartment.
  • Contact various landlords in Luleå and its surroundings.
  • In local newspapers, you can find ads from individuals who want to rent out rooms.
  • Find a buddy to share home with, then it can sometimes be easier to find a bigger apartment.
  • Lower your standards as to what neighborhoods you can think of.
  • Search for apartments/rooms avaliable in the Facebookgroup "Ge tak åt en student @ LTU".

Can I see the house before I decide?
Yes, the contact information to the previous tenant can be found in the email about the apartment-offer. 

Is it normal to need to share housing with another student?
No, but there may be an option at the beginning of your period of study. Some students choose to be roommates for a long time.

Can you have pets in a dorm?

How do I report errors in the appartment?
Logged in to My Pages at, click ”For tenants” and then Faulty Report. It is important that you fill in all information in the faulty report, and thereafter clearly describe the issue, as well as the urgency of the issue.

Can I rent my home in second hand?
It is permitted for study abroad or study break if you notify it at least one (1) month in advance.

How long a study break can I take without losing my apartment? 
2 terms.

How long do I have the right to continue living in student housing after graduation?
6 months.

How far in advance do I have to give my notice for giving up my apartment?
From July 15th 2022 the notice period is three (3) months, regardless if you have 12 or 10 months rent. If you have signed your contract before this date, the notice period is three (3) months under Tenancy Act if You have 12 months rent and two (2) months if You have 10 months rent. 

Is it possible for the notice period to be shorter? 

10 or 12 months rent?
10 months if you signed the contract after January 1th 2016. 

Which months do I not pay rent? 
June and July is rent free. 

When should I pay the rent?
One month in advance.

How do I pay the rent? 
The rent is payed through Bankgiro, via an invoice that you can find via ("My pages"/"DinHyresvärd"). The credentials can be found together with your first invoice. 

Where is the student housing located geographically?
Approximately 10-20 minutes walk from the Luleå Univeristy of Technology's Luleå campus.

What are the communications?
City bus, car, bicycle, walking.

I want to rent a parking space, how do I do that? 

Cantact Aimo Park to rent parking space.


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