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A well-kept home

There are many things you can do yourself in your home. Below are some practical advices. There is also listed what you always do yourself, like changing light bulb etc. If you are uncertain you can always ask your caretaker.

Cleaning the kitchen

Clean the stove and oven - Clean the stove and oven regularly. Remember to clean up behind the stove, it can be pulled out so you can access to vaccum or sweep.

Screw fittings - If the fittings on kitchen cabinets, kitchen drawers and closets feel loose fix it yourself by simply tightening the screws on the inside with a screwdriver.

Fridge and freezer - Place the instructions for the appliances in a place where you can find it easily. They contain good advices on maintenance and troubleshooting. Read the instructions when you move in and leave them to the next tenant when you move out. Defrost your fridge and freezer regularly if the are not self-defrosting. Let all the ice melt by itself - do not use any sharp tools to move it. Collect the melt water in a bucket or tub.

Clean the kitchen fan - Clean the grease filter in the fan at least once a month. Wash it in warm water with a mild detergent or use the dishwater. Do not open the kitchen window while cooking, the fan is not working properly then and all cooking fumes will spread in the apartment. Open a window in another room and the fan will work properly.

The rest of the apartment

Check and clean valves
The valves must be kept clean. Use a regular narrow paint brush or radiator brush for cleaning. Exhaust valves are located at the ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom. Intake valves are positioned at the ceiling or behind radiators. Intake valves are fixed and can not be changed, because then the ventilation system will not function properly.

You can loosen the valves in two ways:

  • By turning them counter-clockwise and pull them out
  • By pulling them straight out

Old valves may be difficult to loosen up. Try instead to pick up the dust with a wire. Then you can vacuum and wipe the valve as much as possible.

Replacing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes - light bulbs and fluorescent tubes are consumables that you, as a tenant, are replacing. Broken fluorescent are changed by turning the tube a quarter turn. Remember to also change the starter when changing lamps. Take the lamp and starter to the store, so you're sure to get new ones that fit.

In addition, the store collects the old lamps and tubes.

Changing plugs and other electrical installations - you change plugs and fuses yourself. First, find the blown fuse. Then unscrew the faulty plug and replace it with a new one.You see that a fuse has broken when the small, round, colored pin is detached. Always replace a new fuse with one of the same color marker as the broken one. The plug must first be inserted in the plug cap and then screwed into the center. In some apartments there is fuse box without replaceable fuses. There are instead black switches, so-called circuit breakers, which should always be in the raised position.

Always hire a licensed electrician for electrical installations. Home insurance does not apply if a fire starts because of an improper installation made by the intenant. You will have to change light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, sockets,switches and connect and replace light fixtures in dry areas. Electrical equipment used outdoors, such as balcony lighting, must be approved for outdoor use. Possible infrared must be installed with a switch.

Install washing or washing machine - ensure that dishwashers and washing machines are on the waterproof surface. The machines must be connected to grounded outlet. All connections of electricity, water and sewage must be done by a specialist.

Clear the sink and water lock - on most kitchen sinks, there is a screw on the strainer. By unscrewing the strainer, you can access to remove items that ended up there. Take the opportunity to scrub clean with a brush. If a water lock has been taken apart for cleaning, be very careful to check how tightit is when assembled. Rinse thoroughly with water and check that it is quite tight in all the threads. It is very important that it is tight to the underside of the sink!

Clear the drain - if the drain is clogged, attempt to unload the waste that is clogged. If it doesn’t help, you must immediately notify the error to your caretaker. Remove, at regular intervals, hair and other waste from the bottom valve in the tub and sinks to prevent drain clogs. Never use chemicals such as bleach to clean the sewer!

Clean the floor drain - there is a drain in the floor in the bathroom that should be cleaned regularly to avoid clogs and bad odors.

Clean the floor drain as follows:
Remove the cover to the drain. Sometimes the cover is attached with screws that need to be unscrewed.
Remove hair and other things that’s clogged the drain. If necessary, gently remove things that’s blocking with a wire.
Rinse well with hand shower and dry off.
Attach the cover again.

If the toilet runs - if the toilet is running, try to pull or push the button, a couple of times. If it continues to flow, you should report the fault to the caretaker, to prevent many gallons of water flowing away unnecessarily.

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 Internet is included in the rent.


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You rent a parking space from Aimo Park. For more information click here

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Consideration and thoughtfulness

A security of living in apartment buildings is that you have people around you. You will hear sounds from others, it is movement in the area.

You are entitled to peace and quiet
People have different point of views. Some are disturbed by things that others do not care about. Some people are night people, others start the day at early hours. To ensure that all tenants co-op together and rub along, it is required to respect each other - both under the same roof and in the common areas. If you feel disturbed, firstly get in contact with your annoying neighbor directly. If your neighbor still does not cease to bother you, contact your caretakers.

Examples of disorders include:

  • Someone is playing music at high volume.
  • A dog barks loud and consistently.
  • Someone showers or taps water at night.
  • Someone drills, nails or pounding late at night.
  • Someone using the washing machine at night.

Of course, you and your family will be able to move around normaly in the apartment without being afraid to be regarded as disturbing. At night, you should take extra care so that the neighbors are not disturbed.

A simple rule of thumb might be that nothing should be heard to the neighbors. This applies 24/7, in particular from 10pm to 8am, because everybody has to have a chance of a good nights sleep.

Satellite dish
If you want to put up a satellite dish, you must first contact the caretaker, to get permission and instructions.

Common areas - shared responsibility
There are a lot of common areas in a residential area.

Why common rules makes sence:

  • Prohibition of smoking in all common areas, ie, stairwells, elevators, laundry room, attic, cellar, bicycle storage and so on.
  • Household waste is sorted at source, packaged well and discarded according to the instructions provided. Bulky waste must be taken to recycling centers.

Laundry Room
The laundry room is an important place for all. Therefore, try to keep it clean and tidy there. Report immediately to the caretaker if something does not work, respecting the times that are booked by others, and do not use the laundry room outside the booked time.

  • Wipe the floors, machines and desks when you are finished.
  • Follow the maintenance instructions that apply to machines, dryers and other equipment.
  • Always use a laundry bag if you wash a bra with jumper. A common reason for the machines to be out of order is due to bra straps are loose and gets stuck in the machine.

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However the electricy and heating is included in the rent is stated in your contract. 

For more information, click here

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Engine heater/Parking space

Parking is available at the free parking spaces and the parking spaces with electrical outlets. Parking spaces with electricity are available for rent. The engine heater has a timer that you need to set for it to work.

For renting a parking space, contact with the following information: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Desired area for parking space

For more information, click here

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The student apartments that are furnished includes:

Read the contract. Furniture differs.

  • Bed with mattress and mattress cover
  • Nightstands
  • 2 bedside drawers
  • Bedside Lamp
  • Desktop
  • Desk Chair
  • Hurts
  • Bookcase
  • Desk Lamp
  • Kitchen Table
  • 4 Chairs
  • Kitchen lamp
  • Armchair
  • Small table
  • Hall lamp
  • Curtains

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Garbage disposal

We have recycling at our properties.

We have containers for:

  • Compostable waste
  • Combustible waste
  • Residual
  • Glass
  • Newspaper (not envelopes of post-it-notes which are sorted as Combustible waste)
  • Paper packing
  • Metal

The containers are placed in the garbage house located at each residential area.

Other waste, such as corrugated cardboard and hazardous waste, is sorted and sent to local recycling center.

It is essential that everyone takes care of the sorting correctly.

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Home insurance

Our tenants must have an existing home insurance with liability.

Burglary, fire or flood can affect anyone. Make sure you have good insurance.

Contact your insurance company.

Home insurance covers injuries and values??, i.e. burglary and fire. The insurance can also cover costs if there are things that will make you liable. Lindbäcks insurance does not cover your property in case of burglary, fire, damage or flooding.

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Housing queue

To search an apartment, you must first register. You do this by clicking on "Register yourself" at the top of the page. Make sure you have filled out all the necessary information correctly. Studentbostadsservice conveys only flats for students but it is possible to enter the housing queue before you have been admitted.

Queue status
There are three different queue statuses:

  • I'm accepted - This status means you're accepted to an education and is looking for housing. It is acceptable to use this status even if you are not accepted to an education at Luleå University of Technology, as long as you can provide a certificate that supports that you have applied for an education here. 
  • Not accepted - This status means that you are in the waiting list but are not accepted and therefore can not be assigned an apartment.
  • Not active, not in need of housing at the moment - This status means that you are accepted, but are not looking for housing at the moment, yet want to keep your place in the queue until you actively want to search for housing again.

Housing preferences
Plannings and rent for the apartments can be found at housing areas

Mediation of apartments
We publish our available apartments on our website under "Available housings". The available apartments will be on the website for making interest during a limited time. This means that You have to be active in You search of housing.

If You are interested in an available apartment then You have to log in to Your side at to make interest and You have to have the status "I am accepted".

When the time for making interest on the available apartment has been closed then we will send an offer by email to the 5 students that have the longest queue time. Be aware of that som email accounts sort our emails in unwanted, campaign or junk mail.

You can make interest on as many available apartments as You want, but you can only get three (3) offers at once. If You are nr 1 on the offers You can only accept one (1) of the offers.

You can delete the interest as long as the time of making interest is open.

When You have been offered an apartment You have a maximum of five (5) days to respond to the offer (you’ll find the exact time in your offer). You have to log in to Your profile and answer Yes or No.

After you have answered yes, then we will order the contract and agreement. You will get the contract via email for you to sign. 

When being allocated an apartment you’ll drop from the housing queue. If you want to be in the housing queue, you’ll actively have to login to your profile and change your status to “I’m accepted”. Your housing queue will reset the day you do this.

Renew your place in the queue
You must log in to your profile at least once in a 12 month period. If you do not do this, you will lose your queue time and Your account will be erased.

Deregistration from the housing queue
Deregistration from the housing queue means you lose your place in the queue and therefore all of your queuing time. Then you need to, just as if you forget to renew your queuing time, log on to your profile and your queue is reset that date. Deregistration from the queue happens when:

  • If the applicant fails to reply within the period of time for the rental offer
  • After an applicant accepted an offered apartment and received it.
  • After six (6) apartment offers that applicants turned down
  • If You don´t log in to Your profil at least once in a 12 month period.

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When moving, you get two original keys to the apartment and sometimes extra keys to the gate, laundry room, heaters, etc.. Apartment keys are always stamped with the same number. Make sure you have the same number on all the keys and the number is correct. If you become locked out please call our duty on call. You will be charged a fee if we open your door.

All keys must be returned when you move. You'll leave even the copies you may have made, and keys to the heater, storage room, laundry room and door. The keys are handed to the caretaker along with the inspection. If no keys are delivered in due time or if you lost a key, you will be liable to pay the cost of 3000 SEK for changing the locks.

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Move in

You have access to the apartment from 12:00 PM on the date the lease takes effect. Is this a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, it’s from 12.00 PM the following working day.

You need to have a valid ID to collect the keys. You must have paid your invoice before you collect your keys.

It is okay for someone else to collect the keys for you, but only if you have sent us the following information beforehand. Send it to 

  • Your full name
  • Your social security number ("personnummer") Day of birth
  • Your phone number
  • The apartment address and number that you are moving to 
  • The full name of the person collecting the keys 
  • Social security number ("personnummer") Day of birth of the person collecting the keys 
  • The phone number to the person collecting the keys

Both you and the person collecting the keys will then get a key reciept that has to be signed, digitally, by both parts before we can hand out the key. 

Earlier move-in
If the current tenant has the possibility for you to move in earlier, you can write a power of attorney ("fullmakt") (to find the PDF of this document, click here). The document is then sent over to us from the current tenant, and you as the new tenant is welcome to come and collect your keys from Studentbostadsservice from the date stated on the power of attorney. Notice that the keys have to go through us at Studentbostadsservice, and not directly from the old tenant to the new tenant. Also notice that the current tenant need to keep their home insurance until their contract expires. You as the new resident need to have a home insurance from the day that you move in.

Inspection of the apartment is connected with the move out. It is the relocated tenant who book the inspection with the caretaker. You will receive a copy of the inspection report.

For more information, click here.

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Move out

Moving Out
You must leave the apartment no later than 11.00 AM the day after the date the lease expires. If is it a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday the move is done the first weekday thereafter. The apartment must be well cleaned.

You as a departing tenant is responsible that a properly executed cleaning is done after you move out. The immigrant tenant has to move into a tidy apartment and must contact us if he finds his new house untidy. There are many cleaning companies who carry out cleaning on demand.

When you’ve resigned your apartment, please call our caretaker in advance to schedule an inspection. The departing tenant or his representative must be present during the inspection.
Damage to the apartment that is not considered normal wear and tear, you will be charged for. If cleaning is not approved by the caretaker, you will be charged for the cost Studentbostäder i Norden AB have to pay to hire a cleaning company.

All keys must be returned when you move. You'll leave even the copies you may have made yourself, and keys to the post box, storage room, laundry room and door.

From 180501 The keys are handed to Studentbostadsservice after the inspection.

If no keys are delivered in due time or if you lost a key, you will be liable to pay the cost of changing locks.


All notices must be done digitally. Visit, or click here, to give us your notice or to find more information. 

Notice must be received by the last day of the month to be valid.

From July 15th 2022 the notice period is three (3) months, regardless if you have 12 or 10 months rent. If you have signed your contract before this date, the notice period is three (3) months under Tenancy Act if You have 12 months rent and two (2) months if You have 10 months rent.

The housing contract can be terminated from the last of the month with the notice period that the contract has, 2 or 3 months.

You are over the period of notice required to show your apartment for the next prospective tenant.

The notice period for a storage room is two or three (2 or 3) calender months.

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No smoking

It is not allowed to smoke wither in the apartment or in the common rooms, nor the stairwell or the corridors.

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Paying the rent

The rent is a payment in advance and is to be paid by the last working day before the end of each month. 

You will find the bill for Your rent by logging in to My Pages ("Mina sidor") at Send an email to if You have problems to log in.

You have an obligation to pay the rent. If you pay too late you will be charged with a late payment fee, interest and possibly collection. 

If you didn't get an invoice, be sure to contact as soon as posible, as you are still obligated to pay rent. 

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It is not allowed to have pets on the apartments or in the common rooms.

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Public area

Cleaning of the stairwells is done by a cleaning firm.

Do not store things in the stairwells. Think of the fire hazard and that by placing things there prevents the escape routes in case of fire in your home.

Do not put your bike in front of the entrance. It must be kept clear so that emergency vehicles and rescue personnel will arrive. Remember that there are many who live in your house.

It is not allowed to smoke in communal areas.

To prevent unauthorized presence in the stairwell be sure not to put up gates and doors. Closed and locked doors reduces the risk of theft and vandalism.

For it to work in the laundryroom, the washing times has to be respected. As an example, if the laundryroom is booked at 4pm-8pm, it is booked. Example: If you quit the job a little later and must wash when you get home; no one else has the right to start washing without first checking with you that it's OK! It is also the user's obligation to clean the laundryroom, and empty any filters after each use. For everyone's well-being, please remember to leave the laundryroom in the state in which you want to find it!

You book the sauna on the booking list, on the wall next to the sauna. The user cleans the sauna after each use. For everyone's well-being, please remember to leave the sauna in the state in which you want to find it!

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Safe and secure

A good contact with the neighbors often means both greater satisfaction and greater sense of security. Being able to ask their neighbors to keep an eye on the apartment when getting away means a lot to most people.

A home where you feel safe and secure
It is a right to feel safe and secure in both housing and residential area. But the responsibility for security is shared. The property owner ensure that for instance locks and lights works - outdoors and even in your apartment, regarding some of the permanent equipment. You as a tenant must follow the rules that apply to security and otherwise be generally cautious about the home.

Home insurance offers good protection
Sometimes the accidents happen, and that is when you need to have a good protection for your property. The housing company will only cover damage to the building itself - not your personal belongings. Therefore, a home insurance policy provides good protection for you and your home. However, you must provide a portion of the cost of an injury - the so-called excess. Home insurance usually applies if you get robbed, but the requirement is that you have looked after your belongings properly. It is therefore important that you keep the home firmly locked and do not store theft-prone property in the basement, the attic or in the car.

Fire safety
A smoke detector is a cheap home insurance. There are smoke detectors in the apartment when you move in. It belongs to the property owner and may not be included when you move out. If there is no smoke detectors in the apartment when you move in, please contact the caretaker so that you get a smoke alarm installed. About a month before the battery ends, the smoke alarms emit short beeps. The smoke alarm operates normally during this time, but replace the battery as soon as possible.

How to handle a smoke detector:
Try it regularly, preferably once a month.
Clean it regularly with a damp cloth or by vacuuming it.
Replace batteries as soon as needed.

Hire expertise in electrical installations
Always hire a licensed electrician for electrical installations. The insurance company will not pay compensation if a fire starts because of a faulty electrical installation performed by a person other than a licensed electrician. Some you can do yourself, but it requires you to have the necessary skills.

Free spaces in the stairwell and entrance
When accidents occur or if someone gets sick, the emergency personnel and paramedics must be able to arrive quickly.Therefore, strollers, skis, bicycles or toys placed in designated places or in the apartment.

Keep track of your keys
When moving in, you get a number of keys leading to; the apartment, the port, and the laundry room. The property owner has a master key that fits into the apartment. If we need access to your apartment, you first have to accept that the master key is used. Your keys are valuable items that may not fall into the wrong hands. It is therefore important that you return all keys when you move. All keys must be returned, even the copies that you may have done yourself as well as keys to the heater, garage, bicycle room, storage room or laundry room. If you lose a key you have to pay the key cost and possibly the cost of new lock. Spare keys, are on your own expense.

Get to know your neighbors
A good contact with the neighbors often means both greater satisfaction and greater sense of security. Being able to ask your neighbors to keep an eye on the apartment when going away means a lot to most people. 


 Fireproof home

  • Never leave candles unattended. Use candle holders in non-combustible material. Place the candle at a safe distance from combustible materials. Have a spray bottle of water handy when you have candles lit for emergencies before the fire has taken hold. Never place candles, flowers or similar items on television, stereo or video.
  • If an accident occurs, extinguish with water or fire extinguishers
  • Always unplug immediately after use, for example iron, coffeemaker or toaster
  • Turn off the TV with the power switch - not only with the remote.
  • Do not let the washing machine or dishwasher run when you go to bed or leave the house.
  • Clean tumbler-drier filter from lint after each use.
  • If an accident occurs: Unplug or turn off the power unit with the switch.
  • Always keep a lid to smother the fire at hand when you fry, deep fry or make fondue. Never use water on burning fat or oil.
  • Regularly clean the filter to the kitchen fan.
  • If you have storage in the attic or basement, you may not for safety reasons store flammable substances or install your own electricity there.

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Service request

Before you sign error in the apartment, you can check the following:

No power
Check the fuses in the fuse box. Replace if necessary blown fuses.

Refrigerator or cooking out of order
Check that the fuse plug is firmly seated in the socket. Please have product and model number ready for when you call us. This makes it easier for us to quickly fix the error. The data are often given on a plate inside the fridge or freezer, and on the back of the stove.

Broken light bulbs
Fluorescent, glow starters and bulbs (also in the fridge, freezer and stove) are consumables and are replaced by the tenant.

Problems in a drain
Drain blockage in the sink or bathtub is often easy to fix and should preferably be cleaned by the tenant.

For more information, click here

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To apply for housing, you must first register.


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