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Changes in the housing queue.

From this week on and forward we will publish the available apartments on our webiste, You will find them under "Available housings". The apartments will be on the website for making interest during a limited time. This means that You have to be active in Your search of housing.

This means that:

* If You are interested in an available apartemnt then You have to log in to Your profile at to make interest and You have to have the status " I am accepted"

* When the time for making interest on an available apartement has been closed then we will send an offer by email to the 3-5 students that have the longest queuetime. Be aware of that some email accounts sort our emails in unwanted, campaign or junkmail.

* You can make interest on as many available apartments as You want, but You can only get 3 offer at once and if You are nr 1 on the offers You can only accept one of the offers.

* You can delete the interest as long as the time of making interest is open.


Changes in the queue rules:

* If You don´t update Your queue in the beginning of every semester You loose Your queuetime. ( An email about the update will be sent to the registered email in You profile)

* If You don´t answer on an offer You loose Your queuetime.

* When You have rejected 6 housing offers You loose Your queuetime. (The "No´s" that counts are the No´s that You av actively chosen)


When you have lost Your queuetime You will get a nes date from the next time that You log in to Your profile.


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Studentbostadsservice is a housing-service for students at Luleå University of Technology.

  • Are you missing the bill for August? It will be sent to you in the beginning of August, due to vacation.

  • Under "Accomodation, how it works" in the menu to the left, you'll find most answers to your questions.

  • If you have further questions, please send us an e-mail.

  • Forgot your username? Please, send us an email. Do NOT create a new account.




Studentbostadsservice is run by the Student Union of Technology. The ambition is to create good conditions for both effective studies and recreation. A good community among the tenants is encouraged by the fact that everyone has access to shared patios and common rooms.

We strive to be responsive to all of the students' views on housing and we works closely with Luleå University of Technology, Luleå municipality and Lindbäcks Porsön AB. We want to offer the most attractive student housing in Luleå!



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